tagtest - HylaFAX tag line testing program  


/usr/sbin/tagtest [ options ] input.tif  


tagtest is a program for testing the ``tag line'' support in the HylaFAX server. tagtest takes a TIFF/F (TIFF Class F) file and generates a new TIFF/F file that is a copy of the input file, but with sample tag lines imaged across the top of each page. Options are provided for specifying a tag line format string and a tag line font file. If neither are specified, then tagtest will use built-in defaults. tagtest is designed for testing tag line format strings and fonts before they are configured for use by the facsimile server.  


-f file
Image the tag line format string using the Portable Compiled Font (PCF) in file. By default tagtest looks for the font file fixed.pcf.
-m format
Use format when imaging tag lines. If this option is not specified, then tagtest uses the format string ``From %%n|%c|Page %%p of %%t''.
-l locale
Use locale as the locale setting for preparing the given format string. For example, ``en_US.UTF-8''. If the string is encoded via UTF-8 then the correct setting of locale is requisite for proper decoding by the parser. By default the environment settings are used.
-o file
Write output to file. By default output is written to the file t.tif.


faxsend(8C), hylafax-config(5F)