HylaFAX+ 5.2.3 release

The source code for the 5.2.3 release can be downloaded from:


(md5: 708dc46d48b09fc302c5ab23a7481a33 1,180,253 bytes)

HylaFAX+ 5.2.3 includes the following developments beyond version 5.2.2

New Changes

* make faxmail support ISO-8859-1 characters by default (25 Mar 2008)
* fix some client hfaxd connections from dying (especially faxwach)
  due to incomplete information in FIFO messages (16 Mar 2008)
* fix TimeOfDay consideration when batching (13 Mar 2008)
* fix a problem with va_list reuse when running clients in verbose
  mode (11 Mar 2008)
* improvements to client FIFO cleanup (11 Mar 2008)
* begin to use bin/dictionary in wedged e-mails (8 Mar 2008)
* make faxrcvd use sendmail -t instead of placing the to-addresses on
  the command-line (18 Feb 2008)

To see change information for previous versions see the news index.

To see a general list of differences between HylaFAX+ and the HylaFAX found at hylafax.org see the differences page.