HylaFAX+ 5.2.4 release

The source code for the 5.2.4 release can be downloaded from:


(md5: 113192fbe13bf344c176c268e2487662 1,182,549 bytes)

HylaFAX+ 5.2.4 includes the following developments beyond version 5.2.3

New Changes

* don't allow frame 255 to go missing on PPS-NULL (22 Apr 2008)
* handle a V.34 control channel retrain when receiving and waiting
  for DCN (12 Apr 2008)
* don't strip Sender/SubAddr information in faxrcvd after a
  colon (10 Apr 2008)
* blank ECM page block before use (8 Apr 2008)
* add direct LDAP authentication support (5 Apr 2008)
* restore JobFmt %Y %Z and RcvFmt %X %Y %Z options (5 Apr 2008)
* add default config support for Zoom 2949L (29 Mar 2008)

To see change information for previous versions see the news index.

To see a general list of differences between HylaFAX+ and the HylaFAX found at hylafax.org see the differences page.