Source Code

The current release* is version 5.5.9

Release notes are available here.

The source code is available in tar/gzip format at: hylafax-5.5.9.tar.gz


HylaFAX+ is included in the Fedora repositories for Fedora 16 and later as well as EPEL 5 and later. Try 'yum install hylafax+'.

Old HylaFAX+ releases for Fedora RPM-compatible and Debian-compatible binary versions of the software may be found at:

RPM files are installed with:
rpm -Uvh filename
Debian files are installed with:
dpkg -i filename

HylaFAX+ is delivered in the standard openSUSE distribution from release 13.2 and SLE from 12.0 onwards.

For older releases, please include the repository network:telephony to install, e.g. for openSUSE 13.1:

zypper ar -f hylafax

zypper install hylafax+

Note that some binary versions are built with JBIG, PAM, and LDAP support. So you may need to disable these features in the software configuration if you do not have the corresponding libraries and tools.

* releases occur more frequently than releases found at and include tested bugfixes and feature enhancements that may not be available in the less-frequent releases.

HylaFAX™ is freely available under copyright in complete source form. Please see COPYRIGHT for details.