The HylaFAX "How-To" Guide

Lee Howard,

v4.2.2, 19 Oct 2005

This is a detailed guide to HylaFAX installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

7.1 TPC.INT Introduction

TPC.INT is a global network of fax servers which allows users, free of charge, to send faxes from their computer, through the internet, to fax machines all over the world. This network is comprised largely of HylaFAX servers which accept fax jobs via SMTP. The network utilizes internet DNS services to route faxes to their intended destinations.

This network allows users to communicate with those who may not have immediate e-mail access, but do have a fax machine nearby. It provides faxing capability for those without fax machines. Through it, for example, you could receive communications from your business at a hotel's fax machine while you travel or vacation. Use of the TPC network can be useful in many situations such as these.

Owners and administrators of HylaFAX servers with internet connectivity usually provide these services for a combination of reasons. For one, the administrator of the HylaFAX server uses the bottom 1/3 of the coverpage to place an advertisement or banner. This advertising is likely to produce good will for the provider because the receipient will acknowledge the provider's service rendered. Also, since in many areas local calls can be placed free of any additional charges, the cost for this advertising is relatively low, essentially only the cost in time for maintenance (about two hours per week). Last but not least, the TPC.INT network is simply a "good thing to do" in a climate where telcos get rich from long-distance charges (which traditional faxing incurs) and in the presence of commercial fax establishments which charge yet more incredible fees per page of fax sent.

If TPC.INT services are not yet available in your area, your HylaFAX server has internet connectivity, and you have system administration skills, then your participation in the TPC.INT network project is encouraged. See: for details.

7.2 Setup and Installation

7.3 Using TPC

The TPC network can be used by at least three ways: using an e-mail client, using your web browser, and using TPC clients. You do not need to have a HylaFAX server to use the TPC fax network.

For more information on TPC.INT, please see the TPC website and